21-22 Jun 2012 Lille (France)

General information

The conference will take place at the following address:

Polytech' Lille,
Avenue Paul Langevin, 59655 Villeneuve d’Ascq cedex.

Subway: Line 1, Station « Quatre cantons »

Get to Polytech'Lille : http://www.polytech-lille.com/english/get-to-polytech-lille-art325.html

Tube map:  http://uk.transpole.fr/upload/metro.pdf   

Villeneuve d'Ascq is a suburban area of Lille. From central Lille journey time is 15 minutes by underground. 
France’s fourth largest metropolitan area, an international crossroads and a dynamic financial centre, Lille is also an artistic and historic city. In 2004, it was designated as a European Culture Capital. Since then, Lille has become an important tourist destination, recognised for its welcoming living environment, well-preserved heritage and active cultural life: http://www.lilletourism.com/history_of_lille-1-0-83-gb.html

Arriving in Lille : http://www.lilletourism.com/arriving_in_lille-1-0-49-gb.html   

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